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dubya is done
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Lest You Forget. . .

We're talking about DEMOCRACY

here -- and there!!

". . .the United States even chose what images

       could be broadcast and told pool reporters

       they could not record Hussein's voice.

       An unauthorized audiotape was,

       however, leaked to the media."

"In a secret directive issued in January and leaked to the public in March, Rice authorized a delegation of fifty lawyers, prosecutors and investigators to be sent to Iraq to prepare for Hussein's trial. Chalabi is not only the prosecutor but chose the judge, whose identity is a secret."

President Saddam Hussein
President and Prime Minister
             I R A Q

In a like manner, photos like this one are no where to be found on the internet.  Image searches turn up NONE of the pictures which ran in print media on or about July 1, 2004 that were indicative of Saddam being very much
I have said it before and
I say it again now,
the most disconcerting aspect
of the
press  coverage
is the extent to which
we are being fed
Repressed, suppressed,
manipulated,  "blacked out"