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Iraq's Vengeance part II
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Iraq's Vengeance part II
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Leader of Iraqi Governing Council assassinated
- 17/05/2004 10:00:00 GMT

"The Governing Council has been fiercely criticised by /Iraqis/ fighting coalition troops who accuse it of collaborating with the US-led occupation. Its members are surrounded by tight security."


Iraqis Fleeing Basra in March2003

Basra residents flee the city Friday. British officials say Iraqi militias fired at escaping

The current head of the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, Ezzedine Salim, was killed in a car-bomb explosion, Iraqi politicians said.

"He was in a convoy that stopped at the entrance to the Green Zone when the explosion happened. Ezzedine Salim was killed in the explosion," Hamid al-Bayati, spokesman for the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRII), told AFP.

Imad Chebib, vice-president of the pro-U.S. Iraqi National Accord and a fellow-member of the Governing Council, said: "He died as a result of the car bomb explosion against his convoy. Some guards were killed with him."