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dubya is done
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"Ri$hie Bu$h"

Full page comic book spoof on richie rich
p. 11 July 19 issue     The Nation
(accessible online only to subscribers)

Excerpts from Editorial

The costs of war and occupation have been steep.
 As a new report by
the Institute for Policy Studies
 some 11,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed
 and 40,000 injured in the fighting as of June 16;
 meanwhile, crime in Iraq continues to increase,
 oil production has dropped
 and unemployment has soared
 to 60 percent.
  The price to the American people
includes almost 900 troops killed
and more than $125 billion
already spent.
  This toll will continue to mount. 
While the Administration may claim
that US troops must remain in place
to safeguard
 the fledgling Iraqi government /illegitimate/,
 there can be no real security as long
as the occupation continues.
America can't right all the wrongs
 it committed in this war
 -- from invading a country
 without cause
 to rewriting its legal
 and economic code
 to suit US interests.
  But it could make a beginning
 by restoring full sovereignty,
 setting a date for withdrawal
 of US forces,
 disavowing plans to retain control
 of Iraq's economy
 and reallocating the billions
appropriated for reconstruction
 to international agencies
 and an independent Iraqi
  Only such a government
-- one not manipulated
by the US embassy
/THE legitimate government
 ie Saddam and the RCC/
should determine the country's future.
  Until then, the "handover"
of power will remain
 a sham.