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"Marked Men"
Iraq's Vengeance -- alSadr
Iraq's Vengeance part II
"Whitewashing" Abu Graib
"Marked Men"
Vengeance part III
Rumsfeld in Retreat
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". . . One recent article in the English-language daily Arab News reported that Saudi youths often rob gas stations, occasionally beating up attendants.  That's a surprising revelation in a place where theft is thought to be rare and is punishable by amputation." 
 Business Week, March 29, 2004, p. 46.

"Laugh and the world laughs with you."
Nothing about dubya's criminal assault on Iraq is quite
as funny as his reported rehabing of seven of Baghdad's
worst thieves.
The NYTimes carried a page-one front-and-center picture of the
"Baghdad Seven" in the OVAL OFFICE with dubya
shaking one fake hand.

These seven men /and who knows how many more/ were not tortured at Abu Ghraib as dubya wants the world to believe -- more "diss-information"; 
another of dubya's lies/untruths.
"Marked men"
/I do not know the Arabic term for them,
but I am sure there IS one/
 have been found guilty
and their sentence,
carried out as is the custom
 in their culture.
  The "mark of the beast"
 on the forehead
 identifies them immediately
 as just what they are THIEVES.
/any small arab child could tell you about them/
Apparently they found their new niche in the Oval Office.